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‘The Well’ by Peter Labrow

Firstly, before writing my review I would really like to thank Mr Peter Labrow himself for sending me a signed copy of his book.  I feel totally honoured.

I enjoy horror fiction so was really looking forward to reading this book, and I have to say I haven’t read anything this good in ages.  ‘The Well’ is Peter Labrow’s debut novel.  It is a darkly gripping tale about how we respond to the hand fate has dealt us and the consequences of our choices.

The story follows fourteen-year-old Becca Richards and her stepbrother/nearly lover Matt Bradshaw.  Their parents are going away for the weekend which means Becca and Matt will be alone together.  After school finishes on the Friday, Becca thinks its best that they take their time going home in order to ensure that her Mum and Matt’s Dad have left.  So they go somewhere quiet for a while to pass the time.  What happens next is shocking and will change things forever.  They both fall to the bottom of an ancient well where they are trapped and since their parents are away its likely that they won’t be missed for at least a couple of days.  Over the course of a week, family, friends and strangers are all drawn together by a terrible shared fate, from which not all will escape.

I found this novel to be extremely gripping and exciting all the way through.  It was very hard to put down and even involved a very late night!  The author has provided such detailed descriptions of all the characters and the circumstances surrounding them and has really captured what it must have been like to be stuck in the well for days.  I also thought the editing was excellent.

As I was reading this story I could really picture it in my head and I think it would make a fantastic film or even a TV drama.  I am so looking forward to seeing what Peter Labrow comes up with next.

I give this book 5 out of 5.


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