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‘Dark Steps’ by Martin Pond

When Martin Pond asked me if I would review ‘Dark Steps’ for him I was thrilled.  I like reading horror, Stephen King being one of my favourite authors, so I was interested in seeing what his stories were like.

This is Martin Pond’s debut book.  It contains eight short stories, the last one of which is an extract from a forthcoming novel.  There is also a very nice introduction at the beginning of the book.

These are chilling stories with twisted endings.  They reminded me of ‘Tales of the Unexpected’, a TV series that I used to love watching.  The first five stories in particular are very short, but that’s good if you just want to have a quick read.  I also found a couple of them predictable, but then these were Martin’s early works.  Some of the other stories were thought provoking.  I felt that with ‘Egg’, there is a moral to the story.  No matter how much plotting and planning you do, for instance if you want to get your revenge on someone, chances are that it will backfire on you.

I thought that the descriptions were really good.  I can’t help wishing that there had been more stories in this collection though, at least fifteen, as you just want to carry on reading.  However, I do know that Martin Pond has written another book and has more on the way.

All in all this is a very impressive first book and I’m really looking forward to reading more.

Check out Martin Pond’s blog http://martinpond.blogspot.com.

I give this book 4 out of 5.

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