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‘Codex’ by Adrian Dawson

I was lucky enough to win a copy of ‘Codex’ during a giveaway last year.  I wasn’t sure if this novel would be to my liking but decided to give it a go and I wasn’t disappointed.  If anything, it made me wish I had read this book earlier.

Lara who has been missing for three years is on her way back home to her father on a Boeing 747, Flight 320.  However, little does she know what is about to happen.  A bomb planted on the plane explodes killing everyone.  Jack Bernstein, chess Grandmaster and now an IT entrepreneur is informed of his daughter’s death.  He believes the bombing to be a terrorist act until he is sent a code to decipher, thus realising that his daughter’s death is as a result of something much more sinister.  Jack uncovers a global conspiracy and a corporation who will stop at nothing to protect their secret and get their hands on his computer system.

I found the first chapter so exciting that I just wanted to keep reading on.  I felt that there was a slight lull in the next couple of chapters, but after that it was nonstop excitement.  This book gave me hours and hours of pleasure.  I was totally hooked most of the time and felt as if I was somewhere else.  I was left in awe of Adrian Dawson’s writing and his wordplay throughout.  One sentence that jumped out at me was:-

“Dust grains had purchased holiday apartments on every level surface and cobwebs hung like satin shrouds between the shelves.”

This author has definitely done his research.  The titles for each chapter were well thought out too.  ‘Codex’ has lots of twists and turns.  Just as you think you know what is going to happen next, something totally different occurs.  It’s full of shocks and surprises, a real thriller!

I give this book a well-deserved 5 out of 5.

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