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‘Killing Cupid’ by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards

When the opportunity arose to review ‘Killing Cupid’ I was delighted as I like a good thriller.  Louise Voss and Mark Edwards came up with the idea of writing this novel together and all I can say is, what a great decision they made.  The way in which they have written ‘Killing Cupid’ really works.

Alex Parkinson has fallen in love with his writing tutor, Siobhan.  He just needs to convince her that they are meant to be together.  But just how he’s going to do this he doesn’t know.  Alex becomes totally obsessed with Siobhan.  He searches for her on Facebook, sends her messages telling her exactly what he wants to do to her, manages to get into her house and even starts buying her presents using her own credit card.  Isn’t this what lovers do?

When Kathy, also a student in Siobhan’s creative writing class becomes friendly with her, Alex gets jealous and decides that drastic action needs to be taken.  No one is taking Siobhan away from him that’s for sure!  With Kathy gone there won’t be anyone standing in the way of him and his true love.  But, as Alex later discovers someone is watching him too and he’s in for a big shock.

I totally enjoyed reading ‘Killing Cupid’ from start to finish.  I found this novel to be very exciting and gripping all the way through and even erotic at times.  Both sides of the story have been told in journal and diary form and this method works very well indeed.  It makes you realise just how easy it can be to become obsessed with someone, dangerously so sometimes.

Alex who is the main character has been written by Mark Edwards and Siobhan by Louise Voss.  I feel that they both did a very good job of looking deep inside their characters heads.  Each chapter goes back and forth between Alex and Siobhan and I did find quite often that I wanted to carry on reading from either Siobhan’s or Alex’s point of view to find out what happened next.  I think this is what made the story even more exciting, that wait between chapters.

It has to be 5 out of 5 for this book.


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