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‘Reza’s Indian Spice’ by Reza Mahammad

‘Reza’s Indian Spice’ is a cookbook which contains Eastern recipes for Western Cooks, and Reza claims that all the dishes are doable.  This is a book that my Mum was very interested in as she had read about it in a magazine, so when Quadrille Publishing had some copies available for review I was able to get it for her.

Indian food is a very important part of our diet.  If I don’t have lentils and rice for a few days I end up missing it badly.  My Mum really enjoyed looking through this cookbook and was eager to try out some of the recipes.

First up, we had Persian Chicken with Saffron and Cardamon (see picture below).  It was absolutely delicious and the saffron and fried onions really brought the flavour out.  We loved this dish so much that we are definitely going to have it more often.  Saffron is something of a luxury to buy, but dishes such as this wouldn’t be the same without it.

Next, we tried out the French Beans with Sesame Seeds.  I wasn’t actually sure if I would like this but it was very tasty.  This is an ideal accompaniment to curries and lentils.

This cookbook is beautifully presented.  Starting with a very nice introduction from Reza, it is divided into six different sections: Quick and Chic; Slow Burners; Showing Off; Classic Curries; Perfect Partners and Sweet Like Candy and then of course there is the index.

I really love the cover of this book.  The photography is outstanding and so very colourful.  One of my favourite pictures is at the beginning of the section for Classic Curries which shows the different chillies.

There is something for everyone in this cookbook.

I give this book 5 out of 5.


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2 thoughts on “‘Reza’s Indian Spice’ by Reza Mahammad

  1. I’ve just been given a copy of this book and it looks great. Really looking forweard to trying some of the recipes


  2. Now I have to get a copy of this book! The recipes look awesome.


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