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‘Cull’ by Michael G Preston


Austin & Macauley Publishers Ltd kindly sent me a couple of books to review.  I was really looking forward to reading ‘Cull’ as I enjoy horror fiction.

The story starts off in Miami, Florida.  Joseph Delgado, a bestselling author of horror fiction is found brutally murdered in the Albion Hotel.  This in turn leads to a shocking chain of events.  Four of his contemporaries – his friend, Nic Legrand; the American, Matt Myrick; the quiet and reclusive Lindsay Eddowes and the enfant terrible of horror, Jonathan Wraith are invited to the Dorchester Hotel in London to hear Joe Delgado’s last and rather unusual wish.  It seems that Delgado has instructed them to embark on a Halloween trip to the Chateau De Nuit in France.  But what exactly is the purpose of this journey?  Is it some sort of trick?

‘Cull’ has been split into five parts with a number of section breaks throughout.  I personally would have preferred it if there had been chapters instead though.  In Part 1 the reader is given a very good picture of each of the main characters with the story getting especially exciting in Parts 3 and 4.

This was an enjoyable read and it has been cleverly thought out.  I have to say I did find it a bit too grisly at times and the events in the Chateau did somewhat play on my mind.  I was very surprised at the outcome, totally unexpected.

I give this book 3 out of 5.

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