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‘Just for Christmas’ by Scarlett Bailey

Just for ChristmasI got a lovely surprise when I was sent a copy of ‘Just for Christmas’ by Ebury Press to review, especially when I discovered exactly who the author is.

Alex Munro is 28 years old and has lived in Edinburgh all her life.  When Alex discovers that Marcus, her childhood friend who she has secretly loved for ages is getting married to someone else, all she wants to do is be alone and get as far away as possible.

Having got herself a new job Alex moves to a small cottage in Poldore, Cornwall where she discovers she has also inherited the scruffiest dog ever.  Alex thinks that she’ll get the peace she needs but soon finds that the local community are determined to get her involved in the Christmas festivities, including the yearly pageant.  Then she meets Ruan who is her rather sexy and moody neighbour and finds that she doesn’t want to be alone at Christmas after all.  But Ruan has issues of his own and having lost his fiancée he has no intention of letting anyone get close to him ever again as he is scared of getting hurt.

I totally loved this novel and enjoyed reading about life in Poldore.  The cover is so beautiful and sparkly and it gave me a nice cosy feeling even before I started the first page.  Alex who I warmed to very quickly was my favourite character.  She took a big and courageous step in her life and I really admired her.  I also liked the dog and thought he was just adorable.

Although a Christmas story, I think this novel is suitable to read at any time of year as it is a stark reminder that some things aren’t just for Christmas.  It also deals with other life issues.

At the back of the paperback version of this book are extracts of two of Scarlett Bailey’s previous novels.

I give this book 5 out of 5.

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