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‘Beyond the Valley of Sex and Shopping’ by E. P. Rose

Beyond the Valley

Panpathic Communications sent me a copy of this book for my kindle to read and review.  ‘Beyond the Valley of Sex and Shopping’, published by Table Thirteen Books is E. P. Rose’s debut novel and since then he has written a second book.

This is the story of the Perry Family, but mostly it’s about Suzie and her younger brother by two years, George who is known as “The Porge” Perry, a nickname he understandably doesn’t really like.  As children they are looked after by their lovely live-in nanny, Mary Poppins.  Mary, having lost a number of her family members including her husband was a bit lonely and so when she saw the job advertised she applied for it.

Over the years as Suzie and George grow up they have many experiences.  Poor George starts wetting his bed which affects his confidence badly.  Suzie meets Victor, a man who thinks he can write but who keeps being rejected by publishers.  They eventually get married and have a daughter.

‘Beyond the Valley of Sex and Shopping’ is a tale about family and the ups and downs of everyday life.  As the title suggests this story includes sex and shopping but there is a lot more to it as I soon discovered.  It deals with a number of other topics including jealousy, money, drugs, leaving home, illness and death.

I found this novel to be a very entertaining read with aptly named chapters.  It was both funny and tragic at the same time.  Out of all of the characters I liked George the best.

I give this book 4 out of 5.


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3 thoughts on “‘Beyond the Valley of Sex and Shopping’ by E. P. Rose

  1. So is it a comedy ? I didn’t really get the Mary Poppins mention. I assumed it was a serious story till I saw that. Or is the the Mary Poppins story ? I must confess to never seeing the film that I can remember !


  2. Hi Lynda,

    Thanks for reading my review. This novel is really funny at times, but I wouldn’t class it as a comedy. It’s coincidental that the nanny is called Mary Poppins especially as she is also looking after a boy and girl, but it’s nothing to do with the film. Mary just happened to marry a Mr Poppins. Can’t see that happening much somehow!



    • Thankyou for the reply.That’s what made me wonder if it was meant to be a comedy or farce of sorts ? It sounds like you enjoyed it but I know that alone would’ve made me put it back on a shelf. Interesting.


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