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‘Sabre Six – File 51’ by Jamie Fineran

Sabre Six - File 51

Percy Publishing is an independent publishing house specialising in adult fiction. They very kindly sent me a number of their books to review. I chose to read ‘Sabre Six – File 51’ by Jamie Fineran first. An ex-soldier, this is his debut novel.

Set in 2013, this story is about Michael Fox, an ex-SAS soldier who served in many countries including Northern Ireland, Africa, Iraq and Canada. He now works for a private security firm abroad.

Michael is at Gare du Nord Station, Paris, waiting for his train to London. He can’t wait to get home to his family. However, he is waylaid by an old friend from the Regiment who needs a rather big favour. Michael soon finds himself working for the British Intelligence Agency M15, his task being to follow Ryan Killeen, an ex-IRA boss who now trades guns for the Taliban. Michael doesn’t realise it, but his whole life is about to be turned upside down.

This novel only took me a couple of days to read. It’s compact, fast-paced and thrilling which made me want to read on. The story itself goes back and forth a little bit giving the reader a good insight into the job Michael has just completed, plus his time in Iraq.

I would say that this book is more for men, but I’m sure like me other women will find it just as enjoyable. There is a lot of swearing throughout although I think that it is to be expected. It also gets graphic in places for which you might just need a strong stomach.

I give this book 4 out of 5.


‘Sabre Six – File 51’ has been shortlisted for The People’s Book Prize 2014. If you do read this book and find that you like it you can vote for it here:-


For more information about Percy Publishing visit their website here:-


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