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Competition – ‘Kings and Queens’ by Terry Tyler

K&Q9-master-reduced Terry Tyler published her new book ‘Kings and Queens’ last month.  You can read all about it here:-



5 very lucky people now have a chance to win an eBook copy of ‘Kings and Queens’.  To enter this competition please answer the following question by leaving a comment.  What would you do if you were Queen for a day?

Please note: You need to have a Kindle or a Kindle reading app.


Terms and Conditions

This competition is open worldwide.

The closing date is 11:59 p.m. on the 25th May 2014.

Winners will be notified within 7 days and their email addresses will be passed on to Terry Tyler.


Good luck! 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Competition – ‘Kings and Queens’ by Terry Tyler

  1. I’d make using text speak in other communications a capital offence!


  2. Terry Tyler on said:

    (Obviously I’m not entering it!!!) I’d just like to say – great question to ask, love it! What an excellent idea – and thanks so much for doing this for me xxx


  3. I would declare that one day of the week would be a reading day, were no one would have to work or do any jobs around the house etc. You could read all day…:)


  4. I’d command all the beefeaters to live on Quorn the minute that crown was on my head, just for my royal amusement.


  5. Amanda s Ibrahim on said:

    Enjoy every secular moment of it. When opportunity halts upon ones timeline it is only human to grasp such of a life experience. Afterwards, I would write about the events not many could attribute to. Thus, being able to relive it with my children’s children.


  6. Reblogged this on A Woman's Wisdom and commented:
    Pop over to fellow book blogger Sonya Kemp’s blog and enter her competition to win a copy of Terry Tyler’s fabulous new release Kings and Queens!


  7. I would ensure that all adults and children were taught to use ‘could have’ instead of ‘could of’, ‘couldn’t care less’ rather than ‘could care less’, and shown the proper ways to speak/write all the other words/phrases that annoy me!


  8. Okay I think I would have a day where there was no electricity, just so everyone would communicate face to face with no distractions. Heat and food would be provided just no distractions.


  9. bevalex on said:

    Great question, Terry. I would bring back masked balls and the word ‘strumpet’.


  10. lindarumsey on said:

    Read – whilst someone else did all the chores!


  11. Annegret on said:

    If I would be Queeen for a day I would invite children in my garden and read fairytales to them.


  12. Thanks to everyone who entered this competition. I have randomly selected the winners and emailed them, so check your inboxes. Terry Tyler will be in touch with your copy of ‘Kings and Queens’.

    Sonya x


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