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‘Fatal Act’ by Leigh Russell


Back in March I took part in Leigh Russell’s ‘Fatal Act’ first UK blog tour.  You can read my post here.


‘Fatal Act’ was published in paperback on the 29th May 2014 by No Exit Press.  It is the sixth book in the DI Geraldine Steel series.  Before now, I had never read any of Leigh Russell’s books so this was a new experience for me.

Anna Porter, a glamorous young TV soap star is killed in a car crash.  It looks like an accident but it soon becomes evident that it is more than that.  Detective Inspector Geraldine Steel is brought in to investigate.  Somehow the driver of the second vehicle has mysteriously disappeared and no one has a clue how he or she escaped.  Then another young actress is brutally murdered and once again there is no sign of the killer.

When a third person is found dead things really start to hot up and Geraldine unknowingly risks her sergeant’s life in their struggle to track down a serial killer who leaves no clues.  Will they succeed in catching the murderer?

I didn’t know how I would get on with reading ‘Fatal Act’, but I soon got into the story.  Cleverly written, it took me a while to work out who the killer was.  I had it down to two of the characters in particular.

I also enjoyed reading about DI Geraldine Steel’s private life too.  I thought it was nice learning about the other side of her and it made the story even more interesting.  I liked Leigh Russell’s writing style and I hope to read her next book at some stage.

I give this book 4 out of 5.

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One thought on “‘Fatal Act’ by Leigh Russell

  1. By sheer coincidence while doing another tidy-up of my books I’d just come across a copy of Cut Short, the first in this series, and decided it must be read earlier rather than later.


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