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Blog Tour – ‘The Strangler Vine’ by M.J. Carter


This week we are celebrating M.J. Carter’s debut novel, ‘The Strangler Vine’, which was recently published in paperback by Penguin.



About The Book

Calcutta, 1837. Young Ensign William Avery is tasked by his employers – the East India Company – to track down disgraced agent Xavier Mountstuart, lost to the jungle. Forced to take with him dissolute, disillusioned, errant genius ex-officer Jeremiah Blake, Avery is sure their mission is doomed. When their search leads them into Kali-worshipping, Thugee territory, survival depends upon trust. Fighting for their lives, the pair close in to their elusive quarry only to discover the horrifying truth behind their mission. With death and danger on all sides, is it too late to save themselves?


I was very kindly sent a copy of ‘The Strangler Vine’ to review.  I am currently reading this book and am enjoying it.  Through blogging I have developed a passion for historical fiction so am very interested indeed in this novel.  I like the way M.J. Carter writes.  She describes things so well that you can picture them.  I have the feeling that I will continue to enjoy ‘The Strangler Vine’.  The adventures have only just begun.

Look out for my full review.


About The Author 


M. J. Carter is a former journalist and the author of two acclaimed works of non-fiction: Anthony Blunt: His Lives and The Three Emperors: Three Cousins, Three Empires and the Road to World War One. M. J. Carter is married with two sons and lives in London.


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