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Blog Tour – ‘Breaking Love’ by MJ Summers

Breaking Love

‘Breaking Love’ by MJ Summers is the second book in the Full Hearts series.  It is being published along with ‘Break in Two’ by Piatkus on the 21st November 2014.  These books can be read as standalone novels.  As part of this blog tour I am reviewing ‘Breaking Love’.

The story is set in several different locations including romantic Paris and Colorado.  Luc Chevalier is 41 years old.  He is rich, successful and can have any woman he wants.  But something is missing from his life and he doesn’t realise it.

Megan Sullivan is 35 years old.  She is happy with her life as a single mum to Elliott and with her photography business and intends to keep things as they are.  However, Megan’s best friend thinks that it is about time that she has a bit of fun in her life and manages to persuade her to go on a short break to Paris.

When Megan arrives in Paris three weeks later she does not expect her feet to be lifted off the ground.  She ends up literally in the arms of the sexy Luc Chevalier and finds that a part of her she has hidden away for such a long time is released.

Luc and Megan don’t believe in fairy tales.  Will they manage to put aside their fears and doubts and live happily ever after?

The first thing I must comment on is the cover.  I love the black background with the gold champagne heart.  It is just so beautiful and makes you think of delicious things.

I really enjoyed reading this book and found it nice and relaxing.  I got on well with the writing style and the way the story was set out.  This is a romance but it has a bit more to it.  Megan devoted her life to her son and was there for his every need.  She was concerned about embarking on a new relationship in case things didn’t work out and Elliott ended up getting hurt.  Luc sounded like every woman’s dream, but somewhere deep inside he was flawed.

I personally don’t recommend reading ‘Breaking Love’ on public transport or at work as it is rather steamy and addictive.  It is I think best enjoyed at home.

I give this book 4 out of 5.



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