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Interview with Amanda Egan


Amanda Egan has written several books.  Today sees the publication of her brand new novel and I asked her a few questions about it.


Can you tell me a bit about your new book please?

My latest chicklit novel is released on Wednesday 10th December and tells the story of Lizzie who is jilted on the day of her wedding and finds herself living in a ramshackle cottage, the one she should have been sharing with her new husband, with a various mix of waifs and strays.


How long did it take you to write it?

Books usually take me about six months to write and edit – that’s not taking into account the planning and note-making time – and the endless thought bubbles that need to form in my head before I get to that stage!  Hubbie calls that process my ‘plot-face’ – it’s when I kind of disappear to spend time with my characters and I adopt a ‘vague’/dopey look!


You have written several novels now.  Where do you get your ideas from?

Ideas can come from anywhere – a smell, a snippet of conversation, a character I see walking along the road.  One of my novels came from an old Mini I see parked every day, and another came from a TV ad.  See?  I told you.  They come from EVERYWHERE!


Will you be celebrating the publication of your new book?

I will indeed.  On the day the book comes out, I’ll be having a launch dinner complete with some daft games and probably some dancing with a few friends who have always been hugely supportive of my writing.  We’ve celebrated every book in the same way and it really helps to take the edge of those nerves as I set my next ‘baby’ off on its journey.


Where do you do most of your writing?

Most of my work is done in the kitchen or sitting room.  I’m either at my desk in the kitchen or flopped on a sofa with some dodgy daytime TV playing quietly in the background.  I love to have old sitcoms babbling away – sometimes distracting but usually just another source of inspiration.


Can we expect loads more books from you?

Well, I hope so!  I dread the day that the words, people and plots dry up.  I thank my lucky stars every time the seed of an idea pops into my head and I’d love to think that they will continue.


Did you always want to write?

I’ve always been a massive reader and scribbler.  I loved ‘Composition’ at school – the joy of putting pen to paper and letting my imagination run wild was just THE BEST!  Writing was the subject I got most gold stars for and I started my first (aborted!) novel aged 11 so, yes, I guess I have always wanted to write.  I suppose I just had to wait until the time was right.


Describe a day in your life.

I get up at about 7.30, kick the teen out to work and then check sales, Twitter, Facebook, email etc.  If I’m mid-novel, I try to aim for about 3k words a day.  That can take a morning if the words are flowing or what seems like an age if they’re not!  Editing days are like walking through treacle and I can’t wait for them to end.  I finish at 4.30 every day as I care for my mum so that’s OUR time.  If I’m really in the flow I’ll work for a bit longer in the evening and also read through chapters with my husband. The rest of the time is taken up with promoting – the hardest part of being an Indie.


About Amanda Egan


Born in London, Amanda trained professionally as an actress at ‘Studio 68’ and began writing chick/mummy-lit in 2011.

Her first two novels, the ‘Mummy Misfit’ diaries, have been enthusiastically received as a humorously perceptive insight into the easily recognised, self-obsessed mums found at prep school gates the world over.

Amanda now writes romcoms and has also released two Christmas novellas.

She has a passion for crafts and entertaining and enjoys actively engaging with her readers by sharing news and discussions on her ‘Diary of a Mummy Misfit’ blog. You can join in by following her on Facebook ‘Mummy Misfit – Amanda Egan’ or on Twitter @Mummy_Misfit.



‘Life After Seth’ is available to buy on Amazon:-

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