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E-readers or Books?

e-readersWith so much technology out there giving you various ways in which to read books I was wondering which you prefer?

I have a kindle which is very useful and convenient as I can take it anywhere with me.  It also saves space as you can have loads of books on there.  However, I cannot imagine being without hardbacks or paperbacks.  A bookcase filled with books makes a home look rich.


I love the feel of books and being able to turn the pages rather than just press a button.  I like physically seeing how much progress I have made each day.   I collect bookmarks and like being able to use them regularly.

I could spend hours wandering around Waterstones and other bookshops admiring the large number of books in stock.

Even though I have a kindle I still get loads of books.  Most of the time I have at least two or three on the go at the same time, one of which has always got to be either a paperback or hardback.  The good thing with books is that at least the battery doesn’t run out.

Below is a poll about e-Readers and books.  Feel free to comment as well.


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7 thoughts on “E-readers or Books?

  1. I voted for eReaders, but only because I can no longer handle books, papers, or the like – I get breathing issues due to the fumes and dust from them, otherwise I LOVE BOOKS best 😀


  2. Nordie on said:

    I have an ipad mini, which I use to read kindle books, and is very useful when travelling, due to small size and weight.

    However, I do love my paper books, and after about 18 months of reading virtually nothing that couldnt be had on an ereader I’m trying to do a 50:50 split. Have realised though, that paperbacks suffer for their art when shoved at the bottom of a handbag for several days!


  3. I use a kindle as I can download at any hour on any day. I also love books. I interchange them when reading.


  4. Terry Tyler on said:

    That’s interesting – good to see the rise of favour for the ereader. I am a firm convert now; it’s more comfortable to hold, and the ease of downloading is a real must for me! Also… so cheap!


  5. I prefer books. I don’t own or wish to own an ereader. However, what matters is that people read, not how they read.


  6. R.F.Hunt on said:

    I have a kindle but by far I buy more books than I download and when I can, I buy more hardbacks to paperbacks. I don’t know if I will ever change. Space may be the one thing that forces me to change my habits.


  7. Sue Gale on said:

    Whilst I can appreciate the e-book and how it is convenient for those times you go away from home -there is nothing to beat the feel,smell and importance of a physical book


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