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‘The First Lie’ by Virginia King – Cover Poll / Competition




Virginia King is the author of ‘The First Lie’.

Book Blurb

What if the truth was hidden where you’d never ever find it?

When Selkie Moon reclaims the name her mother gave her, she unwittingly triggers a series of events so bizarre, she’s forced to delve into the murky depths of the past and face the shocking truth about herself.


Poll and Competition 

‘The First Lie’ is a multi-layered psychological/mystery thriller.  As you can see above two covers have been designed for this book, the second one being the new one.  Virginia King would love to know peoples opinions of the covers.  Which cover image best reflects this genre and would make you click on it to find out more?

Vote in my poll below:-


Virginia King is offering a copy of her book (ebook) to one lucky person.  To enter this competition just leave a comment below about the covers, i.e. the designs, why you prefer the one you do etc.  Virginia will then pick a winner.

This competition is open worldwide and it closes on the 25th February 2015 at 11:59 p.m.


Visit Virginia’s website – http://www.selkiemoon.com

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10 thoughts on “‘The First Lie’ by Virginia King – Cover Poll / Competition

  1. First cover gives a professional look. Second cover looks like an amateur developed it.


  2. It’s more quirky (the first one.) Second looks like a lot of other books, so a bit cliché.


  3. The first cover stands out more and is different. The second looks as though it could be for any book and very samey


  4. I chose the second cover because of the water and reflection of two different faces. I found this image both disturbing and intriguing, which is how I expect to feel when reading a psychological mystery/thriller. Good luck!


  5. While the second one says “psychological thriller” it also says conventional, and I don’t think your work is. Books with faces on the cover look YA to me, and I don’t read YA , so I wouldn’t read it. The first cover has more of the mythological feel, and suggests something more mystical. I do like the mirror and water, though. That’s effective. The neck tattoo in the first one is interesting, and the blue hair. Those make me curious.


  6. I prefer the first cover; it looks timeless and intriguing. The second cover looks similar to so many others and it wouldn’t grab my attention. The first cover would definitely catch and encourage me to read the blurb, the illustration looks very professional and makes me believe the novel will be similarly professional and polished.


  7. I am sure the covers were in a different order when I was asked to comment. I definitely prefer the blue cover, with the two faces. It is a more professional.and intriguing look. I think a block font would be more effective and professional, as well.The tatoo on the coloured cover, narrows the audience.


  8. lapsapchung on said:

    I have voted for the second cover – it has much more of a psychological thriller look about it. I’d expect the first one to be some kind of modern literary book with feminist undertones.


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