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Guest Post by John Raynor


John S. Raynor is a blind writer based in Cheshire who has achieved a lot and who I already admire very much.  He has very kindly provided me with a guest post for my blog which I hope you enjoy reading.


The snail’s pace path to publication

Like you, I am also a lover of books.  After losing my sight in the late seventies, I read nothing for over thirty years.  In 2011, I registered with the RNIB’s Talking Book service and bought myself a specialised MP3 player on which I could read many of the superb books available.  Since then, I have read about forty books each year and can not imagine life without a book to read.

I also enjoy crime, thrillers and supernatural themes.  My favourite authors are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Tom Clancy, Harlan Coben, Tess Gerritsen, Dan Brown, Lee Child and James Herbert.

I started writing in the early seventies using speech synthesis and, more recently, screen reading software on my computer.  I have self-published two novels, two autobiographical works and three children’s short stories.

Recently I have completed a thriller and, after an editorial analysis from Cornerstones Literary Consultants, I am currently modifying the text to make it more presentable to a Literary Agency.  It is so difficult to be accepted by a recognised Agency/publisher these days, but I am hopeful that I can join the ranks of the “Published authors”.

I totally agree with Tim Baker about research.  I have carried out extensive research, with the aid of the Internet, for all my works in an effort to make the plots more plausible.  I notice that Tim has an interest in Guide dogs.  Although I do not have one myself, I have had a great deal of experience with them over many years and have actually included Elsa, a German Shepherd guide dog in this latest work, titled “See All Evil”.


You can visit John Raynor’s website at www.jsraynor.co.uk

Twitter – @J_S_Raynor


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