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Blog Tour – ‘Among a Thousand Stars’ by Jo Bartlett

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‘Among a Thousand Stars’ by Jo Bartlett has been published by So Vain Books.  Today is the start of a blog tour celebrating this book and I am kicking it off with a guest post from Jo.


All in the stars?

Are you one of those people who believes in fate, luck or spooky coincidence? I suppose we all have our superstitions – I can’t see a single magpie without touching black and my sister won’t have new shoes in her kitchen.  Not even sure what that one’s about, but it’s clearly significant to her!

Despite being a romance writer, with over seven billion people in the world I’m not sure I really believe in the concept of “the one”. I quite like the idea of fate binding people together, though, and my husband and I certainly had our fair share of coincidences, which seemed to suggest we were meant to be together – although we’d both worked for the same company years before and never met.

Life is full of amazing coincidences and twists of fate, or so it seems; from the ‘just missed it’ club, who were booked to board the Titanic but for one reason or another never made it, to the couple who got together in their late twenties and found photographs from years earlier showing them both playing on the same beach only yards apart.

In ‘Among A Thousand Stars’ there are definitely some coincidences which the protagonist, Ashleigh Hayes, wishes had never happened.  She seems to have a habit of turning up in the wrong place at the wrong time and develops a bad case of emotional Tourettes around her prickly new boss as a result.  Yet it’s the discovery of a long lost painting that seems to give Ashleigh her biggest hint that the future might already be mapped out for her.

Is it really fate that decides who we’re going to spend our lives with, though? I think fate is just the thing that puts something or someone in our path and what we do as a result is up to us.  Characters in a novel are, of course, at the mercy of the writer rather than fate; or at least that’s the theory.  After all, how can characters who have no existence outside the writer’s mind have any sort of free will? Put it this way, my plans for Ashleigh didn’t always work out quite as I expected!

Perhaps it truly is all written for us in the stars, but either way I’m glad I don’t know too much about what will happen next.  As for Ashleigh and that long lost painting? That’s really is a story mapped out among a thousand stars.


About Jo Bartlett


Jo Bartlett has been a teacher for longer than she ever expected, which made it difficult to choose names for her children because ‘challenging’ students put her off so many potential choices.  She now combines educational consultancy, teaching in HE and blogging as one of The Write Romantics, with writing both fiction and non-fiction, and lives so close to the South-East edge of England that she’s very nearly French.

Among a Thousand Stars is her first full-length novel.

Website:  http://jobartlettauthor.com/

Twitter:  @J_B_Writer


‘Among a Thousand Stars’ is available to buy from Amazon:-



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  1. Thank you so much for having me on the blog as your guest 🙂 x


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