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‘Eden Burning’ – Competition

Eden BurningBack in June I hosted a guest post written by Deirdre Quiery on my blog.  You can read it here:-


‘Eden Burning’ is Deirdre Quiery’s debut novel and it was published on the 10th August 2015.  As well as writing, Deirdre is also an established artist.

Matthew Smith of Urbane Publications Limited recently contacted me with regards to running a special competition on my blog.


Eve Print

This is the original print of Deirdre Quiery’s painting which is also called Eden Burning.  One very lucky person has the chance to win this print plus a copy of Deirdre’s novel.  4 x runners-up will each win a copy of Deirdre’s book.

To enter just leave a comment telling me what you wanted to be when you grew up.


Terms and Conditions

This competition is open worldwide.

The closing date is 11:59 p.m. on the 1st September 2015.

The winners will be randomly picked and notified of their win within 7 days of the closing date.  Details will be passed on to Matthew Smith who will send out the prizes.


Good luck! 🙂



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13 thoughts on “‘Eden Burning’ – Competition

  1. I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. Not a medical doctor but a doctor of philosophy (Phd). I had no idea what any of those words meant, but when my big brother left home, the first in all of the wider family to go to university (I was 7 years old), that was what I knew he could achieve. He didn’t. Nor did I. But we both did okay anyway 🙂


  2. From the age of 5 I wanted to be a nurse & that’s what I went on to do .. nothing else ever entered my mind!


  3. Adam Selby-Martin on said:

    For a long time I wanted to be a Barrister, here in the UK. I think I liked the look of the posh wigs!


  4. When I was 12 I found a book called Chickenhawk by Robert Mason in my step-father’s collection. It’s a real account of an American helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War. From then on I dreamed of flying helicopters, but epilepsy in my mid-teens crushed that dream.

    Instead I joined the Merchant Navy for 2 years and saw a little of the world.

    However, that book did spark in me a passion for reading and the history of the Vietnam War at an early age. So much so, that last year I wrote a novel based on the Vietnam War that I’m currently editing to submit later this year.


  5. I always fancied being a professor – I could see myself swanning around academia doing something terribly clever. I had a rude awakening when I finally got to university and discovered that I loathed it – and that I wasn’t a fraction as clever as I thought I was!


  6. When I was 3 I thought if anyone ever asks me what I want to be, I’ll say a clown. Nobody ever did!

    Recently I found out that an ancestor of mine, Richard ‘Dicky’ Suett was George III’s favourite clown and a star at Drury Lane, The Haymarket and Covent Garden for 25 years.


  7. I only wanted to NOT be things — like a bride (hated bride dolls) or a teacher. My Dad cajoled me into teaching — lasted twelve years then escaped and saved the psychological health of all children after that. But I stayed true to my bride wish — got married in a registry office in a skirt & jacket 🙂


  8. Dave Hardy on said:

    Hi, Sonya. If I remember correctly, I wanted to play football but I was crap!! 🙂


  9. As a child I wanted to be a nurse, but I went into physiotherapy instead. Not sure why. I really just wanted to work in a hospital.


  10. Sue Harrison on said:

    I wanted to be an Author I would write compositions(shows my age!!)that would fill several books.I can only imagine my teachers joy at receiving one of my efforts still occasionally feel that book is still waiting to get its release…….


  11. R.F.Hunt on said:

    I wanted to be a journalist, and artist. I began in the wrong (or right) direction working as a social worker then manager, but a career break led to a change in direction. I now write for the press, as well as myself, and paint. It took me 25 years but I’m now doing what I always wanted to do!


  12. My parents sat me down at the kitchen table one night, in the early 1970s, when I was a child and asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I said, “A knight, a clown or maybe a wizard, no, an astronaut, a cook, a caveman, no, a zookeeper, a diver, or a cowboy, or a pirate.” My mother smiled and said, “Okay, if you didn’t watch Mr Benn what would you want to be?” After some deep refection, I said, “Alright, I want to be a cat in a hat.” And my father said dryly, “Okay, I’ll find out if there are apprenticeships in Dr. Seuss.” I grew up to be a rat-catcher, wine retailer, medieval history lecturer and fiction-writer. I’m hoping Mr Benn, and my parents, are not too disappointed.


  13. Thanks to everyone who entered this competition. I have now randomly picked the winners and emailed them.

    The 1st Prize goes to snoakes7001.

    The runners-up are:-

    Alison Drew
    Dave Hardy
    Andrew McGuinness

    I hope you all enjoy your prizes.

    Best wishes



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