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Guest Post by Karl Drinkwater

Haunted House

It’s time for another guest post now.  This one by Karl Drinkwater is sure to interest you and there’s also a competition at the end.



We read books to escape. To forget who we are for a while; to live other lives, see other places, experience other emotions. And we’re all different, which is why one person’s perfect crime thriller is another person’s yawnfest. Not everyone likes being scared and tense. Not everyone likes horror. Not everyone should.

Primarily I love a good story, but the ones that yank me in are the ones where the primary value at stake is survival (of the body, of the mind). So horror is a natural fit. When I’m reading a good horror novel I forget about the room I’m in, the cat on my lap, the cars outside – I am struggling to survive against evil forces, the inhuman, the alien, the grotesque, the cruel, and that takes all my concentration. I am in the book. I discovered that when I discovered horror as a child. Something about it pulls at my mind, snips at its flesh, teases it, worries it, but gets its attention. The journey begins and you need to see it through to the end.

I don’t just write horror. But I do write horror. And I’m glad.

I wrote Turner on an isolated Welsh island with no electricity. No locks on the doors of the house I rented. Candles, gaslight, shadows, lashing rain. Perfect for a novel about an isolated Welsh island where everyone seems to go mad, and the island’s visitors find themselves on the run, struggling to survive the night. Phil Rickman, on BBC Radio Wales’ Phil The Shelf literary programme, likened it to “The Wicker Man in Wales”. The writer Bec Zugor summed it up as: “This will do, for visiting remote islands, what Jaws did for swimming in the sea.”

The good news is, I came back. And I brought the handwritten manuscript of Turner back with me.




Karl Drinkwater’s Blog






Karl Drinkwater has kindly offered to give away copies of his books.

1st Prize – A print copy of ‘Turner’.   Karl is happy to sign it with whatever message or drawing you want.

Runner-up Prize – 1 of 3 x eBook copies.  These can be in any common format, i.e. epub, mobi, pdf etc.

To enter just answer this question by leaving a comment.  Do you like horror and if so what is your favourite book?


Terms and Conditions

The 1st Prize is open to UK residents only.  The Runner-up Prize is worldwide.

The closing date is 11:59 p.m. on the 14th November 2015.

Winners will be randomly chosen and notified within 7 days of the closing date.  Their details will be passed on to Karl Drinkwater.


Good Luck! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Guest Post by Karl Drinkwater

  1. Sue Harrison on said:

    I have found myself drawn to horror and various times of my life but not for me the cut them up pile the bodies and their mutilations high no I prefer the horror story that has you caught by its stealth and beauty the exponent who keeps drawing me back would be Edgar Allan Poe whose mastery of the genre shows no sign of dimming even after so many decades long may his words continue to evoke both fear and curiousity


  2. Horror is a fascinating genre, the best example I have read and watched the excellent movie is, “The Prophecy,” by David Seltzer.


  3. Thanks for entering this competition.

    As there weren’t many entries the first prize goes to Sue Harrison with the runner-up prize going to Bobby Fairfield.

    Best wishes



  4. Reblogged this on Recommended book and blog reviews, poetry and tarot inspiration and commented:
    I was one of the three who won this book as an ebook. I am about to download it and will review when I have read it.


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