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Interview with Katy Haye

The Last Dreamseer Cover

Congratulations to Katy Haye whose new book, ‘The Last Dreamseer’ is out today.  To coincide with the publication of Katy’s novel I have interviewed her.


Tell me a little bit about The Last Dreamseer

The Last Dreamseer is a YA fantasy novel. It takes the reader to Fane, a fantasy world recovering from a civil war. The war is over, but peace hasn’t fully settled across the land. That will require a new queen to be chosen by the people of Fane. Deena, the heroine of my novel and the Dreamseer of the title, is expected to foresee the next queen to confirm who gets the role – except that her visions are troublingly empty of guidance.


How long did it take you to write?

The Last Dreamseer started life as my NaNoWriMo project in 2014, so it’s been a year from start to publication. It felt much, much longer, though! Aware of the need to get my next book out (my first, The Last Gatekeeper, was published in November 2014), I didn’t plan it thoroughly enough with the result that while the novel is about 71,500 words, I think there’s probably the same number of wrongly-written and cut out words languishing on my PC!


Why write YA?

Because I love YA novels! YA is my go-to genre. I adore the range of stories and approaches you can find under the ‘YA’ umbrella – it’s utterly limitless, which is exactly what I think fiction should be.


Do you write other genres?

Yes, I do tend to flit from one thing to another. I have a couple of adult contemporary-with-a-magical-twist novels tucked away in a drawer, and I recently wrote an alternate history/steampunk story for adults and the main character in that keeps popping into my head to point out that she has a lot more stories to tell!


If I asked one of your main characters to tell me about themselves, what would they say?

If you asked Deena, I think she’d demand to know why you wanted to know before telling you anything. Deena is very wary, because she hasn’t had a good start to life – her dreamseer powers are unique on Fane, which has left her open to abuse by those in power, and her parents did nothing to stop that abuse. She doesn’t find it easy to trust, because she isn’t used to people being interested in her – everyone she’s met so far only cares about her visions, and how they can be used to the advantage of already powerful people.


What are you working on now?

I’ve just sent my next YA novel (currently titled Across the Metal Seas) to my editor, but because I never like a dull moment I’ve moved straight on to the next. I was listening to Taylor Swift’s ‘Fake’ a while ago and got a fabulous idea for a speculative YA story. It’s tentatively summed up as “human zoo”. I’ve written the dirty draft and have just dived into first revisions – that should be out this time next year.


Who are your favourite authors?

A couple of writers I love who aren’t nearly as famous as they deserve are Kim Curran (her Shift, Control, Delete is a brilliant series about a group of teens with special powers, and it’s also an absolute masterclass in how to write a trilogy – each book is superb; combined they’ll knock you out), and Imogen Howson, whose sci-fi duology Linked and Unravel are breath-takingly imaginative and action-packed (and her hero is knock-out gorgeous, too).


Which do you prefer – tea or coffee?

Tea, always tea. I can’t drink caffeine because it makes me twitch, so Clipper’s decaf green tea is my writing fuel – I can get through pints in a day.


If you had the money, would you buy a bookshop?

I don’t think I would – if I owned a bookshop I’d spend all day reading and never sell any of them. If I had a lottery win, I might set up a publishing house, though. That would be fun – picking books I love (I’d be in charge of the slush pile) and giving them a great start in life with the best editors and cover designers and a big push of publicity – what all writers dream of!


The Last Dreamseer is at a special price of 99p/99c for launch week only. Grab a copy now:

Amazon: http://authl.it/B017ULA8V2

Smashwords (all formats): http://bit.ly/1I3Agqf


The Last Dreamseer

The queen is dead. Long live the queen…

Deena endured her first dreamseer vision at the age of six. Now sixteen and having seen how her mother’s abilities were abused by Fane’s rulers, she would do anything to avoid the future that lies ahead when her mother dies and Deena inherits her role.

When she meets Zan, Fane’s last gatekeeper, Deena sees a chance to gain her freedom. But Zan is accompanied by Cal, rebel thorn in the old queen’s side. Deena can’t risk Cal discovering that she was once forced to betray him – but she needs him if she’s ever to escape.





Twitter: @katyhaye


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