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Welcome To My Urbane Publications Blog Event

Urbane Books

This week is all about Urbane Publications on my blog.  There will be guest posts, interviews, competitions, reviews and more.  Over the past year I have hosted a few guest posts and done a couple of interviews but I really felt that the publisher and his wonderful authors deserved more, hence this event.

I have been blogging for quite a while now and have read a number of books.  I support many publishers and authors and hope to continue to do so for a long time.  Through the use of social media, mainly Twitter, one publisher which really caught my eye was Urbane Publications.  The founder and owner, Matthew Smith has already achieved so much and works extremely hard with his authors to deliver a wide range of books to his readers.  There is literally something for everyone and with loads more to come there will definitely be no shortage of reading material.  To me Matthew is the superman of publishing and long may he be successful.

As you can see from the picture above I have collected quite a few Urbane books; a number of them were sent to me by Matthew and I have of course also bought some.  They are very precious to me and I will always treasure them.  I know I will be adding many more Urbane books to my collection over the next few years.

I really hope you all enjoy this event.




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2 thoughts on “Welcome To My Urbane Publications Blog Event

  1. Looking forward to it, don’t think I’ve read any of their publications.


  2. I have recently downloaded Eva Jordan’s 183 Times a Year – a novel about mothers and daughters. Looking forward to reading more from this publisher.


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