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Guest Post by Rob Enright

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Last year I interviewed Rob Enright.  You can read it here:-


Rob has written a guest post for this blog event.


Taking a break….from taking a break…..

When I wrote the words ‘The End’ at the end of the first draft of ‘Doorways’, I gave myself a nice pat on the back. Nine months of writing had come to a very satisfactory end. Within those nine months, I garnered a number of fantastic reviews for my self-published debut novel, ‘One by One’and had also signed a contract with Urbane Publications to print the book I was writing. Slowly, I was beginning to back myself, that I might be able to get somewhere with this whole writing malarkey.

I had entered the nine months with nerves. Not because I doubted my ability to write, far from it. I can hand on heart say, the best thing I have ever done with my life is write ‘One by One’. It has completely changed my outlook on life, the idea of what is possible and what can be achieved with application. I was nervous because I was stepping away from the genre I had just written. Now ‘Doorways’ is still a crime novel to an extent, but it is more urban sci-fi. Matt Smith, my generous and workaholic publisher at Urbane, asked me why the step away and I still stand by my answer: because it’s what I want to write. He had nothing but encouragement for the answer (and interest in the idea) so his support has vindicated my decision to switch genre.

So, nine months down the line, I send in my first draft and am now eagerly anticipating the feedback. The journey is beginning and I tell myself, I deserve some time off. As January fast approached it’s end, I made the decision to take three months off from writing. Now bear in mind, for the past two years I had written two novels back to back. The two years before that were spent writing film scripts (one of which was a film script of One by One. A vastly inferior, stripped down version of the book which may one day be shared with the world.) I had been writing solidly for four years and further back than that, I had spent six years half starting a novel or a film here, designing a comic there. It was time for a break.

A week passed. Evenings were filled with catch up TV, video games I had promised myself to play and gym sessions. It was lovely. Another week passed. I watched several films I hadn’t seen, spent more time with the girlfriend. It was nice.

Another week passed…..hmmm….I wonder if my idea for the sequel will actually work?

Next week…..it doesn’t work, let me brainstorm.

As February came to a conclusion I was back writing again. The sequel to ‘Doorways’ has been fully planned and fleshed out and is raring to go. I have also devised, planned and begun to flesh out an idea for a comic book series. Working for Disney as a HR Analyst by day exposes me to so much Marvel, it has rekindled my love of the super hero. All in all, I guess writing has become something so engrained in my life now, I can’t take a break just yet. Maybe next year?

As ‘Doorways’ begins its journey to publication, and I am hoping into your hands!, the sequel will soon be in the works. My life will get busier, hopefully too busy, when the book finally hits the shops.

My spare time will be lost between promoting one and writing the other.

I cannot wait.

When I have all that to look forward to, why would I want to take a break just yet?


Rob Enright





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