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‘The Vets at Hope Green: Part One – Escape to the Country’ by Sheila Norton

‘The Vets at Hope Green’ is being published in four parts as eBooks by Ebury Press. Part One is out tomorrow. I liked the sound of this book and requested a copy to review from NetGalley.

Sam is a receptionist working for a vets practice in London. Life for her is far from ideal at the moment. She always seems to be broke, lives in a tiny rented flat and things with her boyfriend aren’t that great either. The worst part though is her career which seems to be going nowhere. Sam really wishes she could have more contact with the animals and would ideally like to be a vet. Something really needs to change and fast.

When Sam’s parents suggest that she visits her Nana Peggy in Hope Green, she agrees, thinking the break will do her good. But rest and relaxation may not be exactly what Sam gets.

This was such an enjoyable, warm and relaxing read. I really liked Sheila Norton’s style of writing. I loved reading about the animals and Hope Green. It sounded like a lovely little village and the ideal place to go to for a relaxing holiday.

I warmed to Sam instantly. I truly believe that most things happen for a reason and for Sam this was definitely the case. Her going to Hope Green to stay with her Nana was meant to be. I adored Nana Peggy, everyone’s favourite grandmother. She had lived in Hope Green for a very long time and knew just about everyone there. There were a number of other interesting characters too.

I am really looking forward to the next part of ‘The Vets at Hope Green’. I can’t wait to catch up with Sam and see what happens next.

I give this book 4 out of 5.


‘Part One: Escape to the Country’ is available from tomorrow:-


‘Part Two: Follow Your Heart’ is out on the 16th February 2017.  Pre-order here:-


‘Part Three: Too Close to Home’ is out on the 16th March 2017.  Pre-order here:-


‘Part Four: A New Start’ is out on the 13th April 2017.  Pre-order here:-



For those of you who would rather read this story in one go, ‘The Vets at Hope Green’ is being published in paperback and as an eBook on the 1st June 2017.  Here’s the pre-order link:-


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