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Final Post – My Urbane Blog Event

Well, my Urbane Blog Event is over.  I have really enjoyed doing it and I really don’t know where these past two weeks have gone.  I’ll let you all into a little secret now.  Whilst organising this event I had a few doubts.  I thought I had lost the ability to organise another blog event.  As it goes, it all went very well.

I’d like to thank all my fellow book bloggers, authors and of course the Urbane authors for taking the time and trouble to share my posts.  I really was and still am totally overwhelmed at all the support I got.  You Urbane authors really are like one big happy family.  I’d also like to thank Matthew Smith for providing me with the book extracts.  Long may your publishing business continue.

I have decided that I would really like to feature Urbane authors on my blog on a monthly basis, about two or three posts a month.  If your book is due to be published do feel free to get in touch with me anytime.  I am always open to hosting guest posts and doing interviews.  I will also be reviewing lots more books.

Thanks again everyone!


Love from Sonya xx


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5 thoughts on “Final Post – My Urbane Blog Event

  1. Richard Whittle on said:

    Thank you too, Sonya!

    You certainly haven’t lost the ability to organise such an event, it was excellent.

    We all have doubts now and again!

    Best wishes,


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  2. Dear Sonya – thank you so much for organising this. I have lots of blogs to read through but I am going to read every single one. It is such a lovely way to get to know my fellow authors – almost like having a cup of coffee with them. That is just wonderful! Thank you. Thank you! Warm regards Deirdre

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  3. darklingilistenblog on said:

    A really wonderful event, Sonya! Many congratulations indeed, and thanks, for putting it all together. And thank you, too, for the opportunity to be a part of it! I enjoyed all the posts so very much! x 🙂


  4. darklingilistenblog on said:

    (above comment from Mark Mayes 🙂 )x


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