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Taking A Short Break

I have just made the decision to take a short blog break.  Much as I love blogging I am finding that things are getting a bit too much at the moment.  Life gets busy and I am really not giving myself enough time to read books for blog tours.  It all becomes very last minute and this is when reading can feel like a chore.  I really don’t want that anymore.  Reading is something I really enjoy doing but at the same time I don’t want to be practically chained to the sofa or bed.  I want to be able to do lots of other things too.  Unfortunately, this means I have to pull out of two blog tours with immediate effect; one tomorrow and one on Sunday.  I just can’t do it anymore.  I’m really sorry for letting authors and publishers down.  I now know I have to look at how I do things in the future.

I will be back blogging week after next.

Love from Sonya xx

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10 thoughts on “Taking A Short Break

  1. Take care of yourself! This is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby so if it’s getting stressful then it becomes a chore and your love of reading will disappear. I’m glad your stepping back before you lose that love. Enjoy your break xx

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  2. Go and look after yourself Sonya. Have a fab break and get back to enjoying some wonderful books that you can relax with. You have had a very busy time of it recently!! Hugs xx

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  3. Enjoy your much needed break. I think we definitely take on to much at times. Take care x

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  4. Take care of yourself Sonya. The books and blog will always be there waiting for you as will we. xx

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  5. Take care Sonya. Enjoy your break and do what is right for you. xx

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  6. robert daws on said:

    Well done Sonya. An honest response to where you are at this moment. Step back, recharge and come back as strong as ever. Respect. All best wishes, Robert.

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  7. Enjoy – and relax! Blogging should be a pleasure and everyone needs a break sometime. 😊

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  8. Anne Williams on said:

    We all need a break now and then, Sonya – enjoy it! xx

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  9. Take care. In recognising its all become too much, you have taken the brave decision to take control. Enjoy your break xx

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  10. Thanks for the lovely comments. I’m not ready to go back to blogging yet. I still need to find a better way to do things. xx

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