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Where I’m At With Blogging

In April things got too much for me and I ended up having a break from blogging.  I started again on the 1st May and although I have been okay I’m still not quite there.  Things have been getting in the way and best laid plans have gone to pot.  My main problem still seems to be blog tours.  Much as I love reading it gets a bit much when I have to read a book quickly due to not getting around to starting it earlier.  Lately I’ve felt that I’m letting just about everyone down and for that I apologise.  It’s all just getting too much again.

I’m really sorry for messing up on a number of blog tours.  I will be back to normal soon, promise.  I will find the answer one day.  I just can’t cope with getting up at 5:00 a.m. to get reviews done anymore and with blogging taking over.  I’m knackered.

Really sorry all.

Best wishes


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13 thoughts on “Where I’m At With Blogging

  1. Karen on said:

    Sorry to see that you’re struggling Sonya. I understand how things can overwhelm. Would it take the pressure off you if you stepped away from blog tours completely for a while. I know we all like to help out with these but your health has to come first. Take care. xx

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  2. Hi Sonya sorry to hear you’re struggling at the moment I’ve cut right back on the blog tours and it’s made such a difference being able to read the books I want to read rather than reading the books I have to read. It really takes the pressure off and I only post reviews when I feel like it, I feel much more in control and definitely less stresseful. In the meantime take care x

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  3. You have no need to apologise to anyone Sonya. This is your hobby and if it’s starting to become a chore and causing stress then you just need to strip it back to whatever it takes for you to enjoy your blog again. Blog tours always take more effort and a lot of bloggers have been stepping back for a bit so please don’t worry. Take care of yourself!!!! Xx

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  4. You just have to look after yourself Sonya. That is the only thing you need to focus on. This is meant to be fun, reading is meant to be fun and you need to make it that again. Take care and I send big virtual hugs xx

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  5. Aw Sonya *hugs* I have been blogging for about 6 years and rarely do tours. A lot for the reasons you have listed. It is your blog, just do what is right for you, don’t commit or agree to anything that is going to stress or tire you out. No way i would be getting up at 5am ooft xxx

    Lainy http://www.alwaysreading.net

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  6. Everyone will understand. Look after yourself and come back to it when you’re ready. It’s absolutely fine to say ‘no’ when you need to. x

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  7. O Sonya. Life is too short to suffer all that stress and guilt for a hobby. Step back. Take a deep breath. Look after yourself. If & when you’re ready the blog will still be there. Sending hugs. Xx

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  8. hey lovely, sorry to hear things have been tough. Blogging is meant to be fun and maybe just take a step back from blog tours and reading on “demand” and read and review books of your choice as and when you feel up to it. It’s always ok to say no. You and your health comes first xxxxxx

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  9. I’ve been the same recently Sonya – I was ill, but even after recovering my concentration is still quite poor. I’m not enjoying reading everything, as I normally would – I’m having to be a lot more choosy over what I read, or I’m just losing interest in what I’ve chosen. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s been up at 5 am writing reviews (usually after a sleepless night, as I’ve been stressing over said review!)
    Do hope you feel better soon. x

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  10. Don’t ever feel bad/guilty/failure ish hun … I know I’ll probably speak for most organisors when I say, don’t put any pressure on yourself, don’t make yourself poorly or doubtful. If you can’t read a book, just tell them and I’m certain they will have something else you can post If you wanted to, I know I would. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know xxx

    You do an amazing job xx

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  11. Hi Sonya, I have just read your post and I am in a similar situation at the moment. I have been unwell with my spondylosis since last Wednesday and haven’t been able to read so have had to cancel two blog tours. I hope you feel better soon, your health is more important so don’t feel bad. I’m sending you my love xx

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  12. It’s difficult, Sonya, it can take over. Take it easy

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  13. Nordie on said:

    Hi, what you are feeling happens to most book bloggers at some time or another (and I dont trust those who say it doesnt).

    I have a review policy about what I do and dont read, and have a statement at the top, in bold, saying “I’m not taking on any more books at the moment whilst I catch up with what I have, if I dont reply to you, then it’s a no”. This not only gives you permission to not accept any more submissions, but allows you to not reply to emails. The request emails also tend to drop off when they get the hint you’re not respomding. You then get to be back in charge of what you read and when.

    Here’s my review policy if you want an example to work from:


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