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Taking A Blog Break

I just wanted to let you all know that I am taking a blog break for a while.  There are issues going on in my family which are causing a lot of stress and heartbreak.  I have had my eyes opened and I really can’t believe that family can be so cruel and heartless.  I am finding that I cannot concentrate on my blogging and reading as much as I would like to and am basically mentally and physically exhausted.  Everything is starting to feel like a chore and I don’t even want to blog right at this moment.

Massive apologies to all the blog tour organisers whose blog tours I am going to have to drop out of.  I plan to be back at the beginning of October, hopefully all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Thanks for your understanding.


Sonya xx

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10 thoughts on “Taking A Blog Break

  1. Sending hugs and hope things get better soon x

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  2. Take care of yourself Sonya xxx

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  3. Sorry to hear this, Sonya. Family can be loving, or the other thing, and I’m never surprised by whatever they do next. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time as October is not that far away. Look after yourself and I send big hugs xx

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  4. Take care, Sonya. Hope things settle down and work out. Sending big hug x

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  5. Hope things get better soon Sonya x

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  6. overtherainbowbookblog on said:

    Sending hugs lovely xx

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  7. Thinking of you Sonya. x

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  8. Look after yourself x

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  9. Sorry to hear that. I hope things sort themselves out – they say we can’t choose our family 😦 but I hope you are surrounded by good friends

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  10. take care of yourself! Hope the time away helps 🙂 x

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