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‘The Dating Game’ by Susan Buchanan

The Dating Game

I was asked by Susan Buchanan if I would like to review her latest novel and was kindly sent an advance review copy.  ‘The Dating Game’ is her second book and it is based in Glasgow.

Gill McFadden is a workaholic with her own thriving recruitment business.  At 37 years old her love life so far has been a disaster and she is fed up of her friends trying to match-make for her.  Work is getting busier by the minute and she doesn’t have much time to find love.

One day Gill spots an advert on a bus for a professional dating agency and decides to go for it.  Once she has enrolled with the agency several profiles of potential dates are emailed to her.  Gill and her friends have a lot of fun reading them and deciding who she should go out with.  Will Gill find her true love?

From the very beginning I knew I was going to enjoy reading this book and I didn’t want it to finish.  I really liked the writing style and I found ‘The Dating Game’ to be a refreshing and entertaining read.  There were also some very interesting characters throughout the story some of which you can relate to.

A couple of Gill’s dates were pretty amusing, particularly the one where her trousers split.  I also enjoyed reading about the long weekend trip to Barcelona including the various places of interest and the culture there.  Food also seemed to play a big part in this story.  If you love eating then you might find yourself getting hungry.

I give this book 5 out of 5.

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