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Interview with Jenny Kane

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I would like to introduce you all to Jenny Kane.  Her latest book, ‘Another Glass of Champagne’ was published on the 9th June 2016 by Accent Press and I wanted to know all about it.


Firstly, please can you tell me a bit about your new book?

Another Glass of Champagne is a story of friendship, life, dreams, romance, and coffee sipping. Set in and around Richmond Kew Gardens, the action is often located in the cafe that unites all the characters- Pickwicks Cafe House.

Alongside the cups of coffee, there are several bottles of champagne on ice, but only time will tell if they ever leave the fridge and their corks get popped!

Following on from the bestselling novel, Another Cup of Coffee, and the seasonal Christmas novella’s Another Cup of Christmas, Christmas in the Cotswolds, and Christmas at the Castle, Another Glass of Champagne, is the final instalment in the Pickwicks Coffee House adventures.


Book Cover


A warm-hearted, contemporary tale about a group of friends living in a small corner of busy London, by bestselling author Jenny Kane.

Fortysomething Amy is shocked and delighted to discover she s expecting a baby not to mention terrified! Amy wants best friend Jack to be godfather, but he hasn’t been heard from in months. When Jack finally reappears, he s full of good intentions but his new business plan could spell disaster for the beloved Pickwicks Coffee Shop, and ruin a number of old friendships…  

Meanwhile his love life is as complicated as ever and yet when he swears off men for good, Jack meets someone who makes him rethink his priorities…but is it too late for a fresh start?

Author Kit has problems of her own: just when her career has started to take off, she finds herself unable to write and there s a deadline looming, plus two headstrong kids to see through their difficult teenage years…will she be able to cope?


I love the cover.  Did you celebrate with a glass or two of champagne when it was published?

Many thanks. All the covers in the series are wonderfully cheerful.

The novel came out on 9th June, right in the middle of the Tiverton Literary Festival, which I help organise- so I didn’t have time to raise that glass of bubbly until it was all over on 12th June. That evening however, I definitely raised a glass or two to wish Another Glass of Champagne lots of luck!


How long did it take you to write?

Six months from start to finish- and I loved every minute. I’m really going to miss writing about Amy, Kit, Jack and the crew at Pickwicks Coffee House.


Where did you get your ideas from for this book?

Another Glass of Champagne is the final instalment in the adventures of Amy, Kit, Jack, and their friends. These friends first appeared together in Another Cup of Coffee, and each of them is based on one of the real friends I made at university. The whole premise of the story is what ‘might have happened’ if we’d all made slightly different life decisions than the ones we actually made.

By the time we reach book 5 in the Another Cup of…series, Amy, Kit and Jack are (like their real life counterparts) in their 40’s- and life is still throwing out challenges!


Can you relate to any of your characters?

I may… or may not… be Kit! Kit is a writer, mother to teenagers, and a serial coffee drinker- she also writes all her books (some of them erotica), in a cafe- just like me!


If one of the characters came alive and spoke to you what do you think he or she would say?

I can tell you exactly what the ‘real’ Jack said before I started writing Another Glass of Champagne– ‘Can you give me a hot boyfriend please?’ Before the series started ‘Jack’ was also quite keen to be a little taller than he is in real life…


Will you be doing any book signings?

I have a book launch- which I’m going to combine with a Family Book Quiz- in the coffee shop where I write my books everyday! 1st July, Costa, Tiverton 6.30pm!!

I am hoping to do a launch in a local bookshop as well, but details aren’t finalised yet.


What can we expect next from you?

My next book will be out in November and will be called, The Outlaw’s Ransom, which is a medieval murder mystery. This has come about after the success of my part modern/part medieval novel, Romancing Robin Hood.

Many years ago I was an archaeologist and a medieval historian. I’ve indulged heavily in the research I did back then while writing The Outlaw’s Ransom.


How has social media helped you?

I constantly Tweet and Facebook- as well as put out blogs on my web site. I hope it helps me spread the word about my work- I’m too scared not to do it to stop doing so now, in case it’s the only way I’m selling my books!


Where do you see yourself in five years time?

That’s a very difficult question. I have been writing for 12 years now. I started as erotica writer Kay Jaybee; then 5 years ago I ‘became’ Jenny Kane. In another 5 years, who knows who I’ll be?

I will certainly have written another full length medieval murder mystery by then – as I have been contracted to write a follow up to The Outlaw’s Ransom called The Winter Outlaw.

In Summer 2017 there will also be a new beach read. Abi’s Neighbour will be published in June 2017, and will follow on from my bestselling Cornish romance, Abi’s House.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I honestly don’t have any – I really don’t. If I’m not writing them I’m at work.


iPad or Computer?  

Computer. I have a lovely little laptop, which I’ve named Alfie.


About Jenny Kane

Jenny spends a large part of her time in the cafe’s of Mid Devon, where she creates her stories, including the novels Another Glass of Champagne, (Accent Press, 2016), Abi’s House (Accent Press, June 2015), Romancing Robin Hood (Accent Press, 2014), the best selling contemporary romance Another Cup of Coffee (Accent Press, 2013), and the novella length sequels Another Cup of Christmas (Accent Press, 2013), Christmas in the Cotswolds, (Accent Press, 2014), and Christmas at the Castle, (Accent Press, 2015).

Her next full length novel, Abi’s Neighbour, will be published by Accent Press in Summer 2017. She is also working on a short historical novel, which will be published in November 2016.

Jenny Kane is also the author of quirky children’s picture books There’s a Cow in the Flat (Hushpuppy, 2014) and Ben’s Biscuit Tin (Hushpuppy, 2015).

Keep your eye on Jenny’s blog at www.jennykane.co.uk for more details.

Twitter- @JennyKaneAuthor

Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/JennyKaneRomance?ref=hl


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Interview with Amanda Egan


Amanda Egan has written several books.  Today sees the publication of her brand new novel and I asked her a few questions about it.


Can you tell me a bit about your new book please?

My latest chicklit novel is released on Wednesday 10th December and tells the story of Lizzie who is jilted on the day of her wedding and finds herself living in a ramshackle cottage, the one she should have been sharing with her new husband, with a various mix of waifs and strays.


How long did it take you to write it?

Books usually take me about six months to write and edit – that’s not taking into account the planning and note-making time – and the endless thought bubbles that need to form in my head before I get to that stage!  Hubbie calls that process my ‘plot-face’ – it’s when I kind of disappear to spend time with my characters and I adopt a ‘vague’/dopey look!


You have written several novels now.  Where do you get your ideas from?

Ideas can come from anywhere – a smell, a snippet of conversation, a character I see walking along the road.  One of my novels came from an old Mini I see parked every day, and another came from a TV ad.  See?  I told you.  They come from EVERYWHERE!


Will you be celebrating the publication of your new book?

I will indeed.  On the day the book comes out, I’ll be having a launch dinner complete with some daft games and probably some dancing with a few friends who have always been hugely supportive of my writing.  We’ve celebrated every book in the same way and it really helps to take the edge of those nerves as I set my next ‘baby’ off on its journey.


Where do you do most of your writing?

Most of my work is done in the kitchen or sitting room.  I’m either at my desk in the kitchen or flopped on a sofa with some dodgy daytime TV playing quietly in the background.  I love to have old sitcoms babbling away – sometimes distracting but usually just another source of inspiration.


Can we expect loads more books from you?

Well, I hope so!  I dread the day that the words, people and plots dry up.  I thank my lucky stars every time the seed of an idea pops into my head and I’d love to think that they will continue.


Did you always want to write?

I’ve always been a massive reader and scribbler.  I loved ‘Composition’ at school – the joy of putting pen to paper and letting my imagination run wild was just THE BEST!  Writing was the subject I got most gold stars for and I started my first (aborted!) novel aged 11 so, yes, I guess I have always wanted to write.  I suppose I just had to wait until the time was right.


Describe a day in your life.

I get up at about 7.30, kick the teen out to work and then check sales, Twitter, Facebook, email etc.  If I’m mid-novel, I try to aim for about 3k words a day.  That can take a morning if the words are flowing or what seems like an age if they’re not!  Editing days are like walking through treacle and I can’t wait for them to end.  I finish at 4.30 every day as I care for my mum so that’s OUR time.  If I’m really in the flow I’ll work for a bit longer in the evening and also read through chapters with my husband. The rest of the time is taken up with promoting – the hardest part of being an Indie.


About Amanda Egan


Born in London, Amanda trained professionally as an actress at ‘Studio 68’ and began writing chick/mummy-lit in 2011.

Her first two novels, the ‘Mummy Misfit’ diaries, have been enthusiastically received as a humorously perceptive insight into the easily recognised, self-obsessed mums found at prep school gates the world over.

Amanda now writes romcoms and has also released two Christmas novellas.

She has a passion for crafts and entertaining and enjoys actively engaging with her readers by sharing news and discussions on her ‘Diary of a Mummy Misfit’ blog. You can join in by following her on Facebook ‘Mummy Misfit – Amanda Egan’ or on Twitter @Mummy_Misfit.



‘Life After Seth’ is available to buy on Amazon:-

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Amanda Egan’s Blog


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