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‘Hearts of Green’ by John Marsh

Hearts of Green

I was kindly sent a copy of ‘Hearts of Green’ by Percy Publishing to read and review.  John Marsh served 22 years in the Royal Corps of Signals and wrote this book when he left the Army.

Chris Carter has seen the posters and watched the TV ads.  It all sounds so good, so very tempting.  If he joins the British Army he’ll be able to live his life to the full and he’ll be the best.  Chris signs up and goes happily on his way leaving behind the traumas of a broken home.  He can’t wait to meet his new family.

After nearly a year’s worth of training Chris discovers much to his shock and dismay that army life is nothing like he expected it to be.  He is given a posting with 4ADSR in Germany.  A new life?  More like hell!

A compact book, I was able to fit it easily into my handbag.  Although ‘Hearts of Green’ didn’t take me overly long to read, I also had other books on the go and so took my time with it.  It was easy to go back to.

I found the sex and porn in ‘Hearts of Green’ to be a bit too graphic at times, but realise that it is a male orientated story.

I felt really sorry for Chris.  He was treated in an absolutely appalling manner.  That said, I couldn’t help feeling that at times he didn’t exactly do himself any favours but still he didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was.

‘Hearts of Green’ is fast paced, gripping and exciting.

I give this book 4 out of 5.


‘Hearts of Green’ is up for The People’s Book Prize.  You can vote for it here:-


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