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Blog Tour – ‘A Robot In The Garden’ by Deborah Install

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‘A Robot In The Garden’ is Deborah Install’s debut novel.  It was published in paperback by Doubleday on the 23rd April 2015 and is also out as an eBook.  Deborah got the inspiration to write this book from her young son.  I am one of a number of book bloggers taking part in a blog tour to celebrate ‘A Robot In The Garden’.  Below is my review.

Ben Chambers wakes up to be told by his wife, Amy that there is a robot in the garden.  He goes out to check and finds it sitting underneath a willow tree.  Rusted and dented, the robot looks like it needs some attention.  Ben is puzzled as to where it has come from and decides to take it inside the house, even though his wife thinks he should just throw it in the skip.

Whilst cleaning the robot who seems to want to be called Tang, Ben discovers a battered and scratched inscription on the underside of his body most of which has worn away with age.  All he can make out are a couple of half-words and a short half-sentence ‘Property of B-‘.  This leaves Ben all the more intrigued.  Then he finds a cracked cylinder inside Tang’s crucial workings.  The fluid which is leaking out slowly is what keeps Tang functioning.

Not at all happy with Ben for deciding to keep the robot, Amy walks out on him.  Ben realising that he now only has Tang left, decides that he has to get him fixed as soon as he can and thus begins a journey.

I really enjoyed reading ‘A Robot In The Garden’.  It is such a lovely story.  Tang was an adorable little robot, though I have to admit at the beginning I thought he was a tiny bit annoying, especially when he kept calling for Ben constantly.  He soon grew on me though.

Tang was a great help to Ben who could have just given up after Amy left him.  The fact that his cylinder needed fixing was what spurred Ben to carry on and to do something about it quickly.  I loved reading about the different places that Ben and Tang travelled to together.

‘A Robot In The Garden’ is a magical story about a robot and a human who form a special bond with each other.  It will have you smiling and you might even end up having to get a robot for yourself.

I give this book 4 out of 5.

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