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A Spooky Story

Book Cover - Penny Knight

This book published by Dilliebooks is about Penny Knight’s year of travel.  Whilst Penny was in Borneo, she encountered a chap who told her a bit of a spooky story about his experience with jungle spirits.   Below is an intro to the book and an extract.


An offering to the Jungle Spirits

During her year of travel, trekking and adventure, author and adventuress Penny Knight travelled solo in Borneo. She met many characters including Howard Stanton, a Brit who had travelled the world working in many different roles including hotel manager, a diving instructor, a rescue diver in the army, he had played rugby for the West Indies, and was an international Cabbadi player. He eventually settled in Sabah, northern Borneo to build his dream of an eco-resort. It was there that Penny met him after booking to stay at his accommodation. During a short trek Penny asked him why he left a tot of rum before they entered the jungle – Howard explained it was an offering to the jungle spirits. Curious, Penny asked him to tell her more…


Howard truly believes you need to bless the land before you build on it and leave an offering before entering the jungle to ensure safe passage. He explained to me why…

Howard had been employed in Borneo to oversee the set up of a new hotel, sports and recreational complex. While he was there, the only white man, he got to know and trust the team he was heading up. After eight months, things started happening.

While giving a lecture one day to his staff he was overcome by a powerful feeling which made him feel empty and totally drained. He sat down for a bit and recovered but received a call from his boss sounding worried and asking him to find Tommy, his deputy, in a hurry. He was told to run, so they both ran to the housekeeping department where people were chanting around a girl who was being held down by security while she screamed and writhed around on the floor. After a while, she recovered and all senior staff were called for a meeting to discuss this. Howard heard the locals mention possession, spirits, demons, but he reckoned it was someone trying to wreck the hotel’s reputation and plans. This same thing then happened to several others, mostly young women, in the coming weeks so Tommy, who was highly respected as a religious man, carried out prayers, services and even exorcism. But, it continued, so they bought in other people – Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan. No change, the incidents carried on. Howard still thought that it was someone somehow trying to kill off the hotel competition.

However one day, Tommy and Howard received a panicked call over the walkie talkies calling them to the same department. For the first time they were quickest to the scene and Howard was told to hold the girl down as she screamed and fought. She was smaller and a much lighter frame than me and Howard had just finished a career in international rugby so holding her down should have been easy! But he told me that he recalls being physically lifted off the ground by an invisible force that seemed to have gripped her. She also started hissing in a deep voice “Give me blood, I need blood!” Security arrived, and Howard was allowed to stand down.

He shook for several minutes and despite being a very level headed and practical guy, he had to face up to what he’d just seen. He investigated and eventually found out that the land where the hotel was being built had not been blessed before work started. Many of the plans for other buildings were scrapped. The hotel did eventually open, but there were ongoing reported incidents involving both staff and guests. From then on Howard took the need to keep peace with the jungle spirits very seriously indeed.


‘A Knight Fulfilled: Creating a Life of Travel, Trekking & Adventure’ is available to buy on Amazon:-



Guest Post by Sharon McKee of Dilliebooks


I would like to introduce you all to Sharon McKee.

Publisher - Sharon

Sharon has written a guest post for my blog about Dilliebooks, a brand new independent publisher of eBooks.


Dilliebooks – doing things differently

My earliest memories include being told off at meal times for reading every word on any label or packaging on the table (amazing how fascinating cereal boxes can be!) and begging my infant school teacher to let me take my exercise book home so I could carry on writing stories over the weekend.

My love of reading and writing led me to a career in journalism, publishing and then in later years I moved into PR, eventually setting up my own business. Although I love fiction and have done creative writing courses, my own published writing has mainly been non-fiction articles for magazines, newspapers and websites.

In 2012 I did something I didn’t think I’d ever do and trekked to Machu Picchu in Peru to help raise money for Breast Cancer Care. Following that, I did something else I didn’t think I’d ever do and wrote a book about it!

I started to consider options for publishing it. I’m an avid ebook reader and lover of technology, but wasn’t sure about self-publishing, so I decided to look for an independent publisher who only published ebooks.

After a lot of research I couldn’t find the kind of publisher I was looking for. I wanted an independent publisher which had the best of the traditional model (request submissions, have quality criteria and the possibility of rejection, but work with their selected authors including giving editorial, production and marketing support – and pay them a fair royalty) and combine that with the opportunities that digital brings (creativity, efficiency, speed, easy global reach, new ways of marketing, engaging with readers, online opportunities).

It was also clear that ebooks were still suffering from perceptions of being second rate to print. I felt that somehow the opportunities technology offers to do things differently didn’t seem to be being explored to their full advantage.

Taking all this on board and after even more researching and in depth discussions with an ex colleague from the publishing world, we agreed that there was a gap here. So we decided to fill it.

We launched Dilliebooks in August, an independent ebook publisher looking to do things differently. We aim to blend the best from the traditional world of publishing with that from the most modern. Our ethos is one of collaboration with both writers and readers. We work with our authors giving them all the support needed and expected from a publisher – including editorial, book production and marketing expertise. We’ve developed the Writing Desk, our authors’ portal which we use both for working on books together and also for the writers to have control over their own promotional pages.

We’ve launched with a variety of non-fiction ebooks and welcome submissions directly from previously unpublished writers, those who have self-published, or been published before by traditional companies. We also don’t want to be too constrained by putting labels or genres on books – we’re interested in anything that makes us laugh, cry (in a good way!), learn, think differently, raise our eyebrows – or make us go ‘wow’!

Following our launch, which included a live Google Hangout with the authors all in different parts of the country, we’re focusing on building our presence, increasing our list of great ebooks and developing our platform to engage more with readers.

This is just the beginning for us and we’re very excited about the opportunities we have to do things differently with digital. Watch this space…!

To find out more go to www.dilliebooks.com or contact Sharon@dilliebooks.com



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