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Thank You

Happy Halloween 2

I hope you all enjoyed my Halloween event.  Thank you so much to everyone who attended and for all the contributions made to make this event possible.


Drinks and Cake!

Happy Halloween

I hope you’ve all enjoyed yourselves so far.  There’s more to come but for now it’s time for a break.   Get yourselves some more drinks and help yourself to cake.  How about having a dance too!  🙂


Halloween Cake

Halloween food 2


Lunch is Served!

Pumpkins 2

All this excitement must be making you hungry by now.

Here’s some yummy food!  Help yourselves to more drinks too and enjoy the music! 🙂

Halloween food

halloween food 3




Welcome To My Halloween Event

Happy Halloween

Welcome to my Halloween Event!

Help yourself to a drink.  There are plenty to choose from including Witchy Brew, Smoky Coffee and Hot Batty Chocolate.  There’s also alcohol available, but be aware that the words on the screen could start getting blurry before long.

Halloween Drinks 1

Halloween Drinks 2

Now sit down and make yourselves comfortable.  You’re in for a day and night full of fun and lots of it too.  First though, lets start off with some music.





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