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‘Painting by Numbers’ by Tom Gillespie

‘Painting by Numbers’ is Tom Gillespie’s debut novel and it is being released by Crooked Cat Publishing on Thursday 6th September 2012.  This is a dark, surreal thriller which follows one man’s relentless pursuit into an old truth buried deep within.

Day after day, Jacob Boyce visits a 17th century allegorical painting which hangs in a Glasgow art gallery.  By using a series of measurements and calculations, his aim is to create a mathematical theory that will decipher the code locked into its canvas.  As a result of his obsession Jacob’s marriage is failing and he is well on the way to losing his job.  But he has to find the truth, it’s important to him.

As more of the painting’s hidden secrets are revealed, and he meets a mysterious young woman, Jacob’s life spirals into chaos.  Worse still, the painting has started to move!

The book is divided into three parts.  The first chapter starts off with Jacob going on his regular visit to the gallery to observe the painting and make notes.  In the next few chapters you also learn about his marriage and job.  I felt that the story got really interesting towards the end of the first part and I found it extremely hard to put down from then onwards.

This is a well written novel.  The descriptions throughout are very powerful.  I could almost picture the paintings in my head.  You also get a very good feel for all the characters.

I give this book 4 out of 5.

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