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‘The Radio’ by M. Jonathan Lee

The Radio

Jonathan Lee asked me if I was interested in reviewing his book and very kindly sent me a gift certificate so I could get myself a copy to read.  ‘The Radio’ is his debut novel and the first of a trilogy.

This story focuses on the loveable and very thoughtful George Poppleton.  A henpecked father and husband, George never fails to let his daughter Sam down when she wants to go out for the night, always babysitting his granddaughter for her.  Likewise, he is always there to make cups of tea for his wife Sheila whilst she is watching the shopping channels on TV and looking for the latest bargains.

One day whilst searching around in the loft George finds an old transistor radio which soon becomes an obsession.  George starts spending hours in the conservatory in his own little world, escaping from reality.  His wife and daughter soon start getting fed up of his radio.

As the story progresses we learn a lot about George’s life and it is more than understandable why he wants to block things out.  Little does he realise though that his wife and daughter are busy planning a wedding and things are about to get very interesting indeed.

I loved every single minute of ‘The Radio’.  Well written, the words just flowed so easily.  There were some interesting characters too.  I found this book really funny at times but also very sad.  This is a story about real people and family life and I’m sure that lots of people can relate to it.

I so can’t wait for the next novel.  If you’re looking for a new read I really recommend that you get yourself a copy of ‘The Radio’.  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

I give this book 5 out of 5.

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