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‘Mémoires de l’Enfant Terrible’

Mémoires de l’Enfant Terrible

Wintergarden Presse joined the publishing world in August 2012.  Their goal is to publish books specifically designed for print.  I was given the wonderful opportunity of reviewing their very first title, ‘Mémoires de l’Enfant Terrible’.

This is such a sweet and adorable little book.  It’s so small and compact and it’s bound to find a special home on any bookshelf.  It would make a wonderful gift for your friends or loved ones.  I really like the classy design on the inside of the back and front covers too.

‘Mémoires de l’Enfant Terrible’ is ideal for both children and adults.  Well thought out, it consists of three beautifully illustrated short stories each covering a different subject.  They get you thinking about the important things in life, but in a simple way.

My favourite story was the first one about never forgetting your dreams.  Always keep them with you no matter what happens because they can come true.

I give this book 4 out of 5.


For this and other great titles visit http://www.wintergardenpresse.com and while you’re there why not read their blog too.

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