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Taking a blog break


I have some very exciting news to tell you all.  We are finally moving into our first home and it’s all happening from tomorrow.  This means that I am going to be taking a blog break for a while.  I plan to be back sometime in September.  I will still be on social media and I’m sure I’ll get some reading done so I may even return with some reviews.

Love from Sonya xx


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10 thoughts on “Taking a blog break

  1. Exciting, Sonya! Have a lovely summer settling in.


  2. Congratulations – hope it all goes well.


  3. Exciting – good luck with the move 😊


  4. How exciting Sonya. I remember moving into our first home – the memories never fade. Enjoy! Dx


  5. Eva Jordan on said:

    Congratulations Sonia! Hope all goes well! X


  6. Have a wonderful time in your new home – perfect timing for the summer – enjoy! xx


  7. Wonderful news! Congratulations, and enjoy!


  8. Congratulations


  9. wishing you a smooth transition to your new home and lots of happiness there.


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